In reinterpreting the simple human activity of walking as a filmed event, the STREET WALKS SERIES picks up on the juncture between the real and the potential for staged fictions, as reframed through the cameras lens and asks one to consider the city streets as theatricalised spaces, everyday action as a potent form of performed narrative and the local architecture, a continuous scenography to the daily activities of the general population – Situating the viewer/participant between the boundaries of the personal, the public and the private. Filmed at walking speed from a moving vehicle, a distinct approach to the way the city’s topography is conventionally witnessed is generated. Highlighting the characteristics of the urban composition in juxtaposition to the filmed body.

The process to production is deeply embedded within a socially organized idea where native residents are invited to take a walk as they are filmed. Through such a simple encounter an interesting and diverse set of understandings are seamlessly tapped into, as streets that hold significant memories and historical relationships seem to become the chosen routes and through their screening, a validating exposure of the local environment is produced.

Versions have been made in Germany, Japan and Australia for gallery, performances and outdoor projection



Laneways Festival, Vitalstatistix


– Leipzig – As part of Play! Movement in Urban Spaces

– Sara Asperger Gallery, Berlin
– SEAM, Sydney
– 5th VentoSul Biennial, Brazil

– ANTI Festival, Kuopio, Finland
–, Tanz in August,Berlin
– GALERIE 35, Berlin

– Museum Space of Future University, Japan
– Winter Art Festival, Hakodate, Japan

– As part of the Set Design for Project Z by Angela Guerreiro, Kampnagel, Germany

This project was originally developed during an ASIALINK RESIDENCY at FUN – FUTURE UNIVERSITY, HAKODATE, JAPAN IN 2007. An Asialink project funded by ArtsWA and the Australia Council, the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body.