Original commission by the City of Onkaparinga & & Carclew Youth Arts, SA

Wakierie version commissioned by Country Arts SA

Collaboration with Nadia Cusimano
TAG Noarlunga – 7 – 23rd May 2013, Colonnades Shopping Centre

TAG Waikerie – 18 Oct – 16 Nov 2014, 32 McCoy Street, Waikerie

Unlike a traditional gallery where the art works are made by individual artists for sale, Temporary Art Gallery invites local residents to bring in various objects that connects to the area where they live – ie personal memorabilia, photos, films, found objects etc and displays them as art works and cultural objects.

Whilst broad in the possibility of what is offered and displayed, Temporary Art Gallery  is not a junk or 2nd hand shop, but a carefully curated space, displaying a series of works as one would in a normal gallery. Each work has an accompanying tag that states the title of the work, year and the name of the individualand in this context they are named as the artist. Alongside the art works, a series of video interviews made with residents, collect the stories that accompany the loaned objects and are screened on a number of small video monitors in the same space. A closing event functions paradoxically as the opening as it is only at this time does the full exhibition exist.

By generating a unique place of engagement and exchange within the community, Temporary Art Gallery links the history of objects to the history of the people and the local area, revealing a series of unique values, interests and personal cultural perspectives.

Noarlunga artists:

Noarlunga gallery staff: Sonya Cathro & Nikki Rydon

Waikerie: 104 OBJECTS/ 40 ARTISTS

Waikerie gallery staff: