In collaboration with Laura Purcell

Do you feel you don’t have time to participate in contemporary issues of daily life? Do you only have the weekend to be political? Do you wish you had a set of tools that would make you protest more effective? The NRWPA understands that for many of us the potential to protest is a weekend affair. The NRWPA also understands that to prepare to protest is not always a simple act. The NRWPA offers a convenient set of strategies, tools, garments and accessories to assist in one’s political and public voicing of an opinion. The NRWPA offers a space to discuss your rights to protest. The NRWPA can support your next desire to protest.

NRWPA understands that throughout the history of political protest and campaigns for social change, civic actions have used aesthetic approaches to provide a critical perspective on the world. The NRWPA merges new forms of fashion and art making as a critical device to talk about the potency of an individuals’ opinion and ability to be politically active as a part-time activity. NRWPA speaks to the democratic idea of dissent and the ability to protest as a basic human right.

Australian artists Laura Purcell and Paul Gazzola are a newly formed collaboration interested in projects that explore contemporary rituals and the politics of place.

As part of the exhibition – Proof of Life. 

Curated by Elizabeth Woods and Kevin Leong

Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart. 22 Sept to 15 Oct, 2017