Collaboration with Nadia Cusimano
Presentations 26 & 27 September, Waikerie Institute. As part of This Is A River. A project commission by CountryArts SA

COLLECTORS/COLLECTIONS springboards from the 2014 project Temporary Art Gallery – Waikerie, in a continuing investigation into the aesthetics of rural culture through the eyes of local collectors and their personal collections. Where knowledge, specialization and the personal become the key motivators and catalysts for cultural discourse and visibility. By exploring the parallels and similarities between the highart collector and those whose fascination lie within the everyday the artists will focus on the personal resources and interests of these local collectors to develop new models of engagement based on a collaborative process of reciprocal exchange and shared interests.

COLLECTORS/COLLECTIONS, continues as an ongoing project and engages with notions of local identity and regional aesthetics to give value to the often under represented rural populations and the individuals that define these communities.