BIRD TALK #1 – 7

Commenced in 1997 as Bird talk #3 as a 20-minute study on the role of mimicry and repetition in our education and how this forms the basis of learning processes. The ongoing nature of this project saw its expansion to an exploration of uniqueness in choreographic practice. Originality exposed as reproduction. Highlighting the components of this work and the making of many others as a series of imitations and replacements. Exposing the stage as a setting for deceptions – real and imagined.

Last time the Australian tried to be somebody else by being somebody else. This time he is trying even harder. He’s trying to be somebody else by being himself. [Make this sound truly Hi-fi]. I don’t know whether I can trust him any more. He talked to me after the show and he commented that he’s trying to be somebody else. Then again during the show he commented that he has been lying, previously concerning the title. A clever lie, I must say. It could be that he’s lying about lying. I heard he’s working on a ‘real’ solo. Now he is trying to be himself? Holger Hartung, Zitty 2002


Bird talk # 3

97 – 2000      Performances Perth, Melbourne, Johannesburg, and Portugal

Bird talk # 1-7   

2003   Strut @ Perth international Arts Festival &  Bodyworks, Dancehouse, Melbourne

2002   Theatre am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin

Concept/Choreography/Dance/Text: Paul Gazzola  | Video: Paul Gazzola & Stefan Zeyen   Assistant: Nadia Cusimano | Video performer: Florian Feigl | Co-production: Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin, id339 dancegroup and gazebo64 productions. The State of Western Australia has made an investment in this project through Arts WA in association with the Lotteries Commission with financial assistance from the Australian Embassy, Berlin.