SPIN SOLO / SPIN DOUBLE looks to combine the ideas of gods on earth and the rejuvenating and transformational aspect of spinning associated with the spiritual ritualism of Sufism, Devised in 2002 it was the first work in the ongoing ‘public performances series’ that explore the performing body as the central element in installation based works through their displacement and relocation from stage to gallery.

“Paul Gazzola’s installation spin solo/spin in Gallery 1 entertains in the tradition of an ancient wind-up tin toy. Dressed in an Elvis suit and standing on a wooden disk that spins by means of a rope and motor.  Gazzola’s dinky apparatus is as charming as his casual banter with the audience. Fielding questions about the work, Gazzola offers us a turn on his machine and then projects his own image into the space he had occupied while he has a rest (spin double). “This DIY entertainment in an arcade style set-up has the kind of magic that only simple, comprehensible technology can”.           Erin Brannigan

Devised in 2002 in Australia it was the first work in the ongoing series ‘public performances’. These works have a two-fold point of research. First in the function of the performing body as the central element in installation based works through its displacement and relocation from the stage to gallery and secondly in exploring the role and/or ‘performative’ state that the public adopts in viewing gallery based art. More specifically I aim to produce this positioning as a tactical manoeuvre within the framing of the work. That the audience performs ‘public’ and the discourse and in this sense, a ‘new body’ becomes them. The works they observe, in turn are a decoy to create this new public body viewed by others. They are at once public and performer. Themselves and another.


2013 Unexpected City, Adelaide City Council. In association with OSCA

2009 Sara Asperger Gallery, Berlin

2007 Theatre fur alle, Bremen

2005 The Magic of Real Life in Real Situations, CCA, Glasgow

2004 Tanz in August, Berlin

2003 Melbourne International Festival of the Arts

2002 Antistatic 2002, Performance Space, Sydney

SPIN SOLO / SPIN DOUBLE was originally developed in part with the assistance of participating artists and facilitators at the 2002 Time_Place_Space 1 forum, an initiative of the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council and PICA. Produced by the Performance Space.